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Motherhood Tea


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  • Caffeine-free mothers tea for feeding: If you are a tea lover and a new mother at the same time, choose Fammedi Motherhood Tea. Who said tea must have caffeine in them? We understand that caffeine is harmful to both pregnant and lactating mothers and their children. Choose the best nutrition for your child with Fammedi.
  • Boost Milk Production for lactating mothers – Lactating mothers now don’t need to worry about their child’s natural nutrition anymore. Fammedi Motherhood Tea is packed with ingredients like fennel, Shatavari, and nettle leaves. All of these are reputed for boosting milk production in lactating mothers. And rest assured about the natural process, free of side effects.
  • Boost your kids’ digestion process: The natural components in this tea assist your baby to become less colicky by aiding digestion and reducing stomach pains. Fammedi Motherhood Tea is the best lactation tea any nursing mother can get access to.
  • Enriched with anti-oxidants: Fammedi Motherhood Tea is an ideal superfood beverage for mothers. Our product is rich in Moringa, which a high vitamin and minerals content. The presence of turmeric boosts immunity, and cardamom aids milk flow and maintains your kid’s overall health.
  • Fammedi Motherhood is Approved and Safe to consume: Fammedi Motherhood Tea is a 100% natural herbal tea blend approved by the FSSAI.
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Now dealing with postpartum difficulties comes with the delicious taste of  the Darjeeling tea.

Fammedi Motherhood Tea is a Caffeine-free, all-natural tea produced from Darjeeling tea leaves.

Motherhood tea provides nutrition to the Mother and to the Newborn baby as well.

Fammedi Motherhood Tea is free of artificial flavors and side effects.

The ingredients Fennel, Nettle leaves and Shatavari are helpful in increasing milk supply in the lactating mother.

Green Tea, Fennel, Moringa, Cinnamon, Cumin (jeera), Rose Petals, Chamomile, Milk Thistle, Shatavari, Nettle Leaves are the key ingredients of our Motherhood Tea.

Fennel and chamomile are regarded as natural remedies for colicky babies since they reduce acidity, relieve the newborn’s upset stomach

It is very necessary for lactating mothers to have an adequate milk supply to feed their children. Fammedi Motherhood Tea helps you in increasing your milk production.

Fennel and chamomile are regarded as natural remedies for colicky babies since they relieves the newborn’s upset stomach and assists them in restful sleep.

Helps to relieve menstrual cramps, boosts immunity, works against post-pregnancy weakness and stress.